Tooth Colored Fillings In Fort Myers

Tooth Colored Fillings In Fort Myers, FL

Tooth colored fillings, refer to dental filling materials made from composite or plastic, which are designed to match the color of your teeth. They provide you with a discreet way to repair damaged or decayed teeth, since tooth colored fillings blend with the teeth’ natural appearance and surrounding structure.  This means that tooth-colored fillings are …

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Reliable Dentist Near Me

How to Find a Reliable Dentist Near Me, Fort Myers FL

When it comes to finding the right dental practice for your family, you need to choose a team that is dedicated to providing excellent and top-class dental services and solutions. One that is committed to helping you and your family achieve an outstanding level of dental hygiene and oral health for the long-term.  Here are …

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Emergency Dentist in Fort Myers

Emergency Dentist in Fort Myers FL

There is nothing worse in dentistry than being in tremendous pain from a toothache or having some other dental emergency and not being able to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Our doctors reserve openings in our schedule every business day so we have the time needed to help patients in pain. Are you experiencing …

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Tooth Abscess Treatment Near Me Fort Myers

Tooth Abscess Treatment Near Me Fort Myers, FL

Tooth Abscess Treatment Near Me in Fort Myers, FL An abscessed or infected tooth is a dental problem caused by bacteria penetrating through your tooth enamel and dentin to reach the pulp (pulpitis), such that pus begins to collect within. It can also occur when bacteria gets trapped in deep gum pockets. This results in …

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Welcome to Your Dentist in Fort Myers

Meet Gemayel L. Aquino, DDS Dental services the way it should be. Dr. Aquino is a known leader in the SWFL community bringing many years of experience to the table. After graduating from one of the top highschools in the United States, American Heritage, he went on to attend Nova Southeastern University on scholarship where he …

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